Kitts, Robert, MD

Attending Psychiatrist,
Massachusetts General Hospital
Co-Faculty Advisor for its LGBTQ and Allies student organization (LAHMS).

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School


Robert Kitts, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the Co-Faculty Advisor for its LGBTQ and Allies student organization (LAHMS). After nine years as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), he has started a new chapter at MGH Chelsea Community Health Center. He has been engaged in LGBTQ+ healthcare and education since medical school, where he studied physicians and their attitude, knowledge, and behavior related to LGB healthcare. During his residency, he published and presented on the risk of suicide among LGB adolescents. As faculty, he served on the LGBT Advisory Committee for HMS and established the Rainbow Health Consortium at BCH, which brings clinicians and other academicians invested in LGBTQ+ care, education, research, and advocacy together. With the support of many, he helped develop and co-directs the first LGBTQ+ elective for HMS students. He is actively involved in teaching and mentorship and has received multiple awards from HMS, including the Jonathan F. Borus Award, Best Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry Award, and the Harold Amos Faculty Diversity Award.