International Medical Graduates Path to Psychiatry

Welcome to the “Helping IMGs Match” in Psychiatry program.

We are excited that you are thinking about applying for residency training in psychiatry. It is a great time to become a psychiatrist, and our program offers individualized counseling for your application for a residency in psychiatry.

We offer several services to help you in this process:

  • • Career Guidance about Your Unique Background
  • • Consultations for Your Application Strategy
  • • Residency Interview Training


This is what sets us apart and why we believe that this will be helpful to you:

  • • Everyone in our team is an International Medical Graduate
  • • Everyone in our team is a Psychiatry Resident, Psychiatry Fellow, or Psychiatry Attending
  • • Everyone in our team has trained at highly competitive residency/ fellowship(and fellowship) programs
  • • Everyone in our team has successfully been through the Match into psychiatry as an International Medical Graduate
  • • Everyone is dedicated to your success
  • • Everyone is excited to use their expertise to help you in the Match


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Career Guidance

This service aims at understanding your unique background and how to use this knowledge to increase your competitiveness prior to the application season.

With this service, we will ask you to send your CV (in the format of ERAS) and a brief narrative about yourself.

You will get a 1-to-1 consultation via Skype or Facetime with specific advice about your

  • • Unique background
  • • Medical School
  • • USMLE scores
  • • Research Involvement
  • • Who to ask for Letters of Recommendation, and how to make sure to get the best letter possible
  • • Medical Student Performance evaluation (MSPE, also known as Dean’s Letter)
  • • Programs you might want to consider applying


Samples of Personal statements, Letters of recommendation and dean’s letter

This will help you think about a successful application strategy highlighting your unique background

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Application for Residency

Congratulation to applying for residency. This can be quite a stressful time, but we are here to help make your application shine.

Together, we will do a comprehensive review of your application (personal statement, CV, MSPE, and other documents that you have) with

  • • Written feedback on areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • • 1-to-1 consultation via Skype or Facetime


This will allow you to create a clear and consistent picture in your application

You will have the opportunity to resend your materials one more time after the feedback

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Interview Training

Congratulations, you are almost there!. It is important not to lose momentum at this time.

The interview is a critical, probably the most important step towards to becoming a psychiatrist.

We will have a review common interview questions

Dr. Vetter and Dr. Lisotto will be doing practicing interviews with you

We will use Skype or Facetime, and each interview is designed to be as close to the real interviews as possible

You will receive

  • • written report
  • • 1-to-1 feedback session via Skype or Facetime


Samples post-Interview communication templates so that you have all your bases covered

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Best of luck and hope to see you join the psychiatric community!

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