Child & Family

Live Event Mar 14-16, 2014 Child & Adolescent Psychopharmacology 2014  This comprehensive three-day conference focuses on new research, diagnostic best practices, innovative treatments, and their practical clinical applications across the spectrum of child and adolescent psychiatric disorders – ADHD, autism, depression, eating disorders, OCD, psychosis, substance abuse, Tourette’s, and much more. The diagnosis of mental disorders in children is challenging, considering many signs and symptoms that could be interpreted as mental disorders – such as emotional outbursts, mood swings, strange eating habits, shyness, and nervousness – could also be a part of normal child development. The frequent presence of co-morbidities in children also makes differential diagnosis and selection of optimal treatment strategies difficult. During this conference, take advantage of personal access to globally-recognized faculty, ask your most pressing clinical questions about diagnostic tools and treatment strategies, and leave with guidance and solutions to the challenges you face in clinical practice. The conference is led by more than two dozen expert faculty from the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry, and includes Curbside Consultation hours with faculty experts, evening sessions on hot topics, and day-long opportunities to engage and exchange ideas with both faculty and other participants.