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Live Event Jul 11-12, 2015 Autism Spectrum Disorder Across the Life span 2015 Autism Spectrum Disorder Across the Life spanThis innovative, multidisciplinary conference delivers a comprehensive overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), from genetics to assessment to clinical care. The comprehensive agenda is organized into topic-specific modules, each involving short lectures, expert debate, and audience interactivity - and every module includes close-knit, interactive roundtable discussions that engage attendees and faculty in dialogue about treatment complexities and challenging clinical scenarios.The faculty experts leading every session and discussion top clinician-researchers in the field of ASD - Joseph Biederman, MD, Joquin Fuentes, MD, Christopher Gillberg, MD, Christopher McDougle, MD, Ellen Braatan, PhD, and many more. They highlight and examine critical topics such as psychiatric comorbidities, assessment measures, evidence-based psychopharmacology, neuroimaging, genetics, legal issues, and much more.Misdiagnosis and underdiagnosis of ASD have serious implications for developing children, transitional age youth, and adults. Use this innovative conference to find the guidance you need to overcome clinical challenges and provide optimal care to your often complex patients with ASD.