Using CBT with Children (March 2022)

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This interactive online course provides an orientation and overview of how to use cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) skills in clinical work with children.

If you work with children in your practice, it is important to develop the skills necessary to adapt CBT for use with this age group. And there are few postgraduate educational opportunities that focus on this specific skill set.

This course is led by child psychology experts who help you adapt CBT principles to clinical work with children. They provide an overview of CBT goals and techniques, and an in-depth review of behavioral and cognitive interventions. Course content covers how to conduct assessments, develop case conceptualizations, modify cognitive and behavioral techniques for use with children, measure progress with validated tools, and address relapse prevention. Faculty also discuss how to incorporate parents and caregivers into treatment.

These enhanced skills at working with children are ideal for clinicians in mental health, pediatrics, primary care, social work, nursing, psychology and more.

The course includes an array of resources, videos and other materials to guide you through your learning experience. All content and assignments can be completed whenever your schedule allows. Weekly call-in times allow faculty to hear and respond to your questions directly, and an interactive discussion board lets you post your own questions and interact with peers from across the United States and around the world. Plus, the course is accessible via desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Online Course
Child Mental Health, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Aude Henin, PhD
Dina Hirshfeld-Becker, PhD