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Campanello, Leonard

Chief of Police
Gloucester Police Department
Gloucester, MA


Leonard Campanello was selected in 2012 as the Chief of Police for the City of Gloucester. Prior to becoming Police Chief, he worked for the Saugus Police Department for 23 years, serving in patrol as well as detectives. He spent 7 years assigned in a plainclothes and undercover capacity in the Narcotics Investigation Unit, eventually moving into command positions as Sergeant and Lieutenant in charge of all Detectives. During the course of his career he also spent time as Patrol Supervisor and Divisional Commanding Officer before assuming the role of Assistant Chief of Police in Saugus in 2009.

Chief Campanello holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University, as well as Masters in Criminal Justice Administration from Boston University. He has published papers on the Restorative Justice Models and Juvenile Justice. He has recently promoted the concept of “Alternative Policing” which combines the best ideas from traditional policing and community policing into a collaborative effort to reduce crime and increase the quality of life for all Gloucester residents, as well as partnering with organizations and citizens to reduce recidivism within the criminal justice system. Chief Campanello also has lectured at area colleges and Police Training seminars on Narcotics Investigations, Investigation of Missing and Exploited Children, and Collaborative Policing.

Chief Campanello enjoys playing the piano whenever he has free time.