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Rubin, Amy, PhD

Research Psychologist, VA Boston Healthcare System
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine


Dr. Rubin is a psychologist whose expertise lies in the intersection of behavioral interventions (specifically substance misuse) and use of technology to deliver these interventions. She has been developing proposals and leading projects that used computerized interventions for substance abuse problems for a number of years. Dr. Rubin has been an integral member of the team that developed, implemented and evaluated VetChange. She collaborated on the development of a separate mobile app based on VetChange that is in trials now. She was also Director of Automated Programs in a SAMHSA service enhancement project to bring screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment into primary care, and with prior IVR interventions used in the home.  Currently, Dr. Rubin is conducting a study using relational agents in primary care to screen and provide brief intervention for alcohol misuse.