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Vranceanu, Ana-Maria, PhD

Integrated Brain Health Clinical and Research Program
Department of Psychiatry
Massachusetts General Hospital

Associate Professor of Psychology
Harvard Medical School


Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD, is a clinical health psychologist with expertise in developing, testing and implementing skills based interventions aimed at preserving health, promoting recovery after injury or surgery, and optimizing quality of life and well-being in individuals with chronic illness. Dr. Vranceanu serves as an Associate Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School, and founder and director of the Integrated Brain Health Clinical and Research Program within the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Vranceanu has been principal investigator (PI) on 10 clinical trials funded by foundations or the federal government, in patients with medical illness.  Dr. Vranceanu has over 120 publications, and was the lead editor for the “Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Behavioral Medicine”. She is also an expert in the use of technology in improving access to care for patients and families.