Fried, Ronna, EdD

Director of Neuropsychology in the Clinical and Research Programs in Pediatric Psychopharmacology and Adult ADHD, Massachusetts General Hospital
Assistant Professor in Psychology, Harvard Medical School


Dr. Ronna Fried is the co-director of Neuropsychology in the Clinical and Research Programs in Pediatric Psychopharmacology and Adult ADHD at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her expertise and extensive experience in the field of neuropsychology, coupled with her ongoing probing research in executive functioning, have helped to bring the program into the forefront of neuropsychological exploration. In addition to her supervisory role, Dr. Fried is also the educational consultant for the newly developed Alan and Lorraine Bressler Clinical and Research Program for Autism Spectrum Disorders where she meets with families regarding educational planning and acquisition of services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. In her role of director of paradigm development in the department, Dr Fried has created projects that assess adults with ADHD in ecologically valid settings, such as a workplace laboratory and driving simulation.

Previously, Dr. Fried served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Neuropsychological Society, where she was the chair of the Professional Affairs Committee. She continues to be active in the field of neuropsychology, frequently presenting workshops to professionals and parent groups on the translating of neuropsychological deficits into academic and functional recommendations.

Dr. Fried was also the Director of Neurodevelopmental Services at the North Shore Children’s Hospital, a Partners HealthCare facility on the north shore of Boston. In her work with that institution, she developed a clinic specializing in the psychosocial treatment of children with ADHD, PediatricBipolar Disorder, and Asperger’s Syndrome, and supervised over 75 professionals.

Dr. Fried consulted with the Marblehead Public Schools for a period of eight years, where she supervised school psychologists. She continues to provide workshops and consultation to the faculty and parents within that system.

In addition to these roles, Dr, Fried has a private practice, in which she conducts neuropsychological evaluations, school consultations, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Dr. Fried received her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and her doctoral degree from Northeastern University.


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