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Chemali, Zeina, MD, MPH

Neuropsychiatry Clinics and Training
Departments of Psychiatry and Neurology
Massachusetts General Hospital

Associate Professor in Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School


I am a Associate Professor of Psychiatry at HMS, a neuropsychiatrist who completed residencies in Neurology and Psychiatry. I joined the faculty at MGH in 2010, where I direct a neuropsychiatry fellowship and clinic and teach and supervise trainees and members of our junior faculty. In addition, I see complex patients with neuropsychiatric conditions.My clinical interests and expertise revolve around the practice of neuropsychiatry. In 2010, after my move to MGH from BWH, I started Neuropsychiatry Outpatient Clinics evaluating and treating >300 new complex cases a year and caring for thousands in follow-up. It now serves as a core-training program to neurology and psychiatry residents as well as for 1-2 fellows/year in MGH Behavioral Neurology-Neuropsychiatry Fellowship (MGH-BNNP) I founded in 2010 and currently direct. In my area of expertise, I place an emphasis on Early Onset Dementia (EOD), the most challenging diagnosis cared for in neuropsychiatry, and I help develop clinical programs around the globe on the identification and management of such cases. These programs aim to standardize the evaluation and treatment of patients with early onset dementia. I receive referrals from colleagues locally, regionally, and nationally and build EOD programs worldwide (latest in Norway 2013). I have expanded further the clinical expertise into Developmental Disorders Clinic (Adult Down Syndrome and Williams Syndrome) and started in 2012 Comprehensive Tinnitus Clinic at MEEI for tinnitus is a neuropsychiatric disorder presenting with otologic, cognitive, behavioral and affective symptoms. I am actively involved in the teaching and supervision of rotating medical students, psychiatry and neurology residents, fellows, and international scholars. I lecture regularly on diverse topics of Neuropsychiatry. I have created the year-round, comprehensive, multidisciplinary, BNNP Fellowship didactic curricula attended by students, residents, and fellows. In 2009, I became a member of Harvard Academy and am actively involved in the mentoring and cross-cultural care interest groups at the Academy.

In addition to providing administrative oversight, clinical care and teaching, I have been conducting fieldwork in under-privileged worldwide regions, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. I have advanced mental health training to mid-level professionals and run capacity building programs all over the world.