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About The MGH Psychiatry Academy

Since its founding in 1975, the Psychiatry Academy has educated thousands of clinicians through comprehensive, sequential, iterative, interactive, and innovative educational programs.

With experienced clinicians on our staff and our close proximity to thousands of the world’s top clinician-researchers, our education is designed to be interdisciplinary, accessible, and relevant to professionals who seek to optimize patient care.

We are also in a unique position to understand the pivotal trends sweeping health care because we live in the clinical environment every day.

The makeup of our staff adds another advantage. We have experts in longitudinal outcomes, audience engagement, web development, educational design, video production, biostatistics, and more.

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Interdisciplinary Memberships And Innovative Learning Formats

We now offer a variety of different educational formats that engage clinicians who prefer to learn in a variety of ways.

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The Highest Standards in Patient Care

For more than 200 years, Massachusetts General Hospital has been a leader in educating physicians and health care providers. Each year, Mass General is recognized for achieving the highest standards in patient care, education and research. US News & World Report’s Survey of America’s Best Hospital’s ranks the hospital #2 in the U.S. and also #1 in psychiatry.


We use grants to disseminate science and knowledge, speeding up the rate that new research is put into practice by clinicians.

Quality of Education

The way we create education has evolved to keep pace with pivotal trends sweeping health care and the varied learning preferences of health care professionals.

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The Academy distinguishes itself from other education providers by grounding our work in the experience of clinicians

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