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Our Mind Body courses feature:

  • Interactive discussion boards that allow for a rich, interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and feedback between professionals from across the United States and around the globe.
  • Weekly call-in times that allow you to ask questions and have direct dialogue with course faculty.
  • A multitude of scripts and sample meditations for you to practice and use with clients.
  • New content that unlocks each week and a flexible course schedule that lets you complete assignments whenever your practice schedule allows

Course 1: Stress and the Relaxation Response: The Fundamentals of Mind Body Medicine

This interactive 4-week course provides valuable, evidence-based insights on the basic principles of mind body medicine. Enhance your clinical practice by helping your patients understand the science of how stress impacts health.

The course provides an overview of mind/body interactions and a deeper understanding of how mind body therapies decrease stress and enhance well-being. It strengthens your knowledge and clinical skill set for recognizing early warning signs, weighing the relative risks of various conditions, and ultimately helping your patients alleviate stress and either prevent or relieve medical conditions.

This is the first in BHI’s three-part online course catalogue and a requirement for participation in a SMART Implementation Training.

July 2024

Course Opens: July 1, 2024
Course Closes: August 19, 2024

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Registration Deadline: July 15, 2024

October 2024

Course Opens: October 7, 2024
Course Closes: November 18, 2024

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Registration Deadline: October 21, 2024

Course 2: Using Mind Body Techniques in Clinical Practice: Applications of BHI’s RR Meditation Techniques

“Using Mind Body Techniques in Your Health Care Practice” is a four-week course that provides participants both a broad and deep look at the many methods to elicit the relaxation response. Participants learn how to build their own meditation practice along with effective approaches for instructing their clients to do the same. The interactive learning environment provides CME/CE credits, and is appropriate for both beginners and those with some experience in eliciting the relaxation response.

All techniques taught in this course involve the two essential elements required to elicit the relaxation response: 1) a sustained mental focus, often achieved by repeating a word, sound, prayer or phrase, and 2) an attitude of open receptive awareness achieved by gentle disregard of thoughts.

These mind body approaches presented here have been proven to significantly improve health and quality of life for patients with illnesses that are caused or made worse by stress, including obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, pain and fatigue syndromes, mood disorders and many others.

This course is the second in BHI’s three-part online CME course catalogue.

August 2024

Course Opens: August 5, 2024
Course Closes: September 23, 2024

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Registration Deadline: August 19, 2024

November 2024

Course Opens: November 4, 2024
Course Closes: December 23, 2024

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Registration Deadline: November 18, 2024

Course 3: Building Resiliency through Cognitive Reappraisal and Lifestyle Modification

The Benson-Henry Institute’s expert faculty will help you understand how stress both causes and worsens health conditions. The course will examine the physiological impacts of stress and the influence stress has on disease and medical symptoms.

The course will help you refine your knowledge and skill in using interventions that offset the harmful influence of stress. Many of these interventions are lifestyle changes that you can use to build long-term resiliency in your patients. The course includes content on the importance of sleep, proper nutrition, relaxation techniques, adequate social support, exercises that reduce stress, and much more. You learn how to guide your patients towards these behavior changes that promote health. This is ideal for clinicians in all practice settings across mental health, primary care, nursing, social work, psychology and more.

The course includes an array of resources, videos and other materials to guide you through your learning experience. All content and assignments can be completed whenever your schedule allows. Weekly call-in times allow faculty to hear and respond to your questions directly, and an interactive discussion board lets you post your own questions and interact with peers from across the United States and around the world. Plus, the course is accessible via desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

This course is the third in BHI’s three-part online CME course catalogue.

September 2024

Course Opens: September 3, 2024
Course Closes: October 14, 2024

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Registration Deadline: September 17, 2024

December 2024

Course Opens: December 2, 2024
Course Closes: January 13, 2025

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Registration Deadline: December 16, 2024

We have a dedicated staff member who is available by phone 5 days per week between 8 am and 5 pm by calling 866-644-7792 or email at All inquiries will be dealt with in a timely  (within one business day) and professional manner. Requests for credits or refunds will be reviewed by the Director of the Division of Professional and Public Education, Massachusetts General Hospital. Please refer to our cancellation policy for additional information.”